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Now Sanusi plans to introduce cheaper ‘Kedah rice’

20 February 2024

With the state contributing 40% of national rice production, Kedah menteri besar Sanusi Nor said Kedahans should have the opportunity to buy rice at a cheaper price.

PETALING JAYA: The Kedah government plans to introduce a special “Kedah rice” which will be sold at a cheaper price than the current market rate for white rice, says menteri besar Sanusi Nor.

Sanusi pointed out that the Terengganu government also had its own “Ganu rice” for its people, Utusan Malaysia reported.

With Kedah contributing about 40% of national white rice production, he said the people of the state should have the opportunity to buy rice at a cheaper price.

“This should be implemented in Kedah because we are rice producers … but the people, including farmers who cultivate padi fields, have to buy rice at expensive prices. We will try to find a way to implement this,” he was quoted as saying.

His proposal comes after Bukit Gantang MP Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz Syed Abdul Fasal called for a “Madani white rice” category to replace the market categories for local white rice and imported white rice.

Syed Hussin, who heads the food prices committee of the National Action Council on Cost of Living (Naccol), had initially unveiled it as a policy that had seemingly been approved by the federal government.

The proposal was for 10kg sacks of “Madani white rice” to be sold at RM30 from March 1.

However, agriculture and food security minister Mohamad Sabu has since clarified that Syed Hussin’s announcement was a suggestion that was not finalised or decided by the Cabinet.

Government spokesman Fahmi Fadzil has said the proposal will be discussed by Naccol next week.

Source : freemalaysiatoday