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SSRice Prices Update

01 March 2024

FOB prices for April 2024 shipment ( in 50 kg pp bags )

SSRice Special - Weekly

27 February 2024

In this week’s special report, we focus on Vietnam’s rice exports, and take a deep dive into Viet Jan-Dec 2023 export data which we have updated, to show the key buy-side highlights

SSRice Presentations

26 October 2023

Comparison of the amount of rainfall over the years 2001-2023 with the normal average of the whole country

SSRice Videos

20 December 2023

Vietnam's rice exports in 2023 set a new record in output and value. It is forecasted that rice exports in 2024 will continue to be favorable, maintaining high prices in the context of increasing world food demand.

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20 February 2024

The Malaysian government faces challenges in deciding on white rice grading, considering legal stipulations, economic pressures, and public concerns. The debate reflects broader issues of food security, economic stability, and the government's role in protecting citizens' interests.

20 February 2024

With the state contributing 40% of national rice production, Kedah menteri besar Sanusi Nor said Kedahans should have the opportunity to buy rice at a cheaper price.

13 February 2024

Future of rice trade hinges on a harmonised global effort, with strategic planning, technological advancements, and cooperative policies

01 February 2024

Political conflicts and climate change, which caused rice demand and rice prices to increase in 2023, are continuing in 2024. Therefore, the need to import and reserve food in general and rice in particular is continuing to increase this year.

01 February 2024

As the El Niño phenomenon persisted, the Department of Agriculture (DA) reported additional rice damage in parts of Western Visayas and Zamboanga during the early months of the year.

04 December 2023

The global rice industry meets today under the most challenging circumstances. While world rice inventories are at sufficient levels to meet demand, due to export bans, logistics disruptions, climate change, and regional conflicts, rice prices continue to rise and have denied the world’s poor access to this basic staple.

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