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K900mil spent on rice imports

18 July 2023

MORE than K900 million is spent annually on rice import, and the figure continues to increase, says International Trade and Investment Minister Richard Maru.

“We are buying imported rice for K6 to K7, and people are paying 100 per cent more than what they should be paying. This is why inflation is high,” he said.

Maru told the Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the Government planned to make Central a distributor of rice, with the aim of lowering the cost of imports and to invest in local commercial industries.

“I will make sure to support Rigo Rice to unleash the potential of the province,” he said.

Maru urged Central leaders to work with the Government to achieve plans to boost economic growth.

“Our shared objective, as we start to build your chamber, is to build an economy so that Central can fund itself, without depending on others,” Maru said. “Rigo Rice is a billion dollar industry for Central and this is a place that is more (suited) to do business than any other part of the country.”

Maru thanked the provincial leaders for supporting the rice industry in the past five years.

“You have done the country a greatest favour,” he said.

You have shown that Central can do it.”

Maru said the Government wanted to ban the import of live chicken from Australia.

“This is an opportunity for Central to carry on the project at Ilimo farm, (engage) more farmers and create employment opportunities for its people,” he said.

Source: The National