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Unabated increase in rice prices hurts more eatery owners

13 March 2024

Restaurant, eatery, and food stall operators continue to suffer from the spike in prices of retailed rice. 

Restaurants in Pavia town, Province of Iloilo that offer unlimited rice servings to customers have adopted austerity measures to control rice wastage.

Other eateries collect an additional P2 to the price of rice serving.

A few farmers pointed out to the news team that the quality of local rice is a lot better than imported rice but local growers have not reportedly received the support they needed.

As of posting time, a kilo of well-milled rice is sold from P55 to P58, while imported rice is about P60 a kilo.

Farmers expect the prices to be this much while anticipating the next harvest season.

Source : gmanetwork