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Professional Faqs: How Much Potassium Is In Rice?

15 April 2024

Expert opinion from Anastu Regita Nareswara

Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition · 7 years of experience · Indonesia

Rice is low in fat and a good source of dietary fiber. Rice contains other important nutrients which may include potassium. In many countries, rice is the main staple food. Both pasta and rice are pretty low on potassium. They contain between 30 and 50 mg per half-cup.

Expert opinion from Kenny Putri Kinasih

Bachelor's degree Nutrition · 3 years of experience · Indonesia

In general, 100 grams of cooked rice contains 38 mg of potassium. However, it is also dependent on the rice used. For example, cooked brown rice contains more potassium than white rice. For about 100 g of brown rice contains 91.4 mg of potassium.

Expert opinion from Yuyu Yatagawa

Bachelor's degree Nutrition · 1 years of experience · Japan

Each 100 g of rice contains 29 mg of potassium. It also contains 2.5 g of protein and 0.02 mg of vitamin B1, which is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism.

Source : msn