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Mexico Considers Allowing Rice Imports from Pakistan

13 July 2023

A Mexican delegation is on a visit to Pakistan to inspect rice establishments to consider lifting the import ban.

The three-member delegation of quarantine inspectors from the National Health Service, Food Safety and Food Quality (SENASICA) arrived in Pakistan on Tuesday and will continue its inspection activities till Friday.

Today, the delegation is expected to visit rice farms in Karachi.

“It is expected that Mexico will consider lifting the ban on the import of rice from Pakistan and our exports of rice to North America will increase,” stated TDAP.

The delegation inspected two rice establishments at the Ayub Agriculture Institute and the Agriculture University of Faisalabad on the first visit day and visited Rice Agriculture Research Institute (RARI-KSK) to check the sowing process of two more rice establishments.

The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) along with the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan, the Department of Plant Protection, and Pakistan’s Mission to Mexico has organized visits for the delegation.

It bears mentioning that Mexico imported $295.3 million worth of rice in 2022 but Pakistan’s rice exports to Mexico have been banned since 2013 owing to the detection of infested with the Khapra beetle (a pest) in its export consignments.

Source: Pro Pakistani