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Rice is at risk if monsoon does not stabilise, says D K Joshi of Crisil

18 July 2023

The reason for the lag in sowing has been attributed to low rains in the major producer states including West Bengal- a major producer of rice and Maharashtra, Karnataka- which together account for over 50 percent of pulse production of the country.

The fall in sown area has been attributed to the uneven rainfall distribution in the country, with several rice and pulse-producing states remaining rainfall deficient.

Rice is at risk if monsoon does not stabilize as rainfall has been spatial and deficient in several states this year, D K Joshi, Chief Economist, Crisil, said while speaking at a Moneycontrol panel.

“While sowing has picked up in the last week, rice remains an area of concern as stocks are 20 percent less than what we had last year,” the economist pointed out.

A delayed monsoon, with uneven rainfall distribution, has been a cause of concern this year as sowing of rice and pulses, the major kharif crops, saw a steep decline, according to data shared by the agriculture ministry on July 7.

However, as monsoon forayed further into parts of the country, the sown area for both rice and pulses has improved, as per latest data from the agriculture ministry on July 14.

Source: Money Control